Renew Online

An online membership account (i.e. a user name and password) is required to renew online.

If you joined via a manual signup process, and have never used the online system, you can create a membership account and renew your membership at the same time on this page

When transitioning from a manual renewal process to an online process, it’s best to process the online renewal in the same month as your manual membership is due to expire. Once an online account is established, the website keeps track of your membership expiration date and will append 12 months of membership onto the then-current expiration date, regardless of when you process the online renewal.

Once an online account is established, your membership expiration date is available by signing into your account here. If you have not yet used the online system, and are unsure of your current membership expiration date, call the Chamber at 908.688.2777 or email

If you originally joined using the online registration system (first available in 4th quarter 2019) you already have an account and can renew your membership here. If you forgot your password, use the “forgot password” function to reset your password.