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August 2015 Update - Updating Beneficiary Designations

liebermanAugust 2015 Update - Updating Beneficiary Designations & Benefits of Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
The importance of updating beneficiary designations

Most of us have more than enough to do. We're on the go from early in the morning until well into the evening — six or seven days a week. Thus, it's no surprise that we may let some important things slide. We know we need to get to them, but it seems like they can just as easily wait until tomorrow, the next day, or whenever.

Top 9.5 Rules For Achieving Positive and Profitable Networking Results

Most people take networking for granted, and think of it more as a place to meet friends and clients rather than capture an opportunity. They also fail to realize that people, whether you know them or not, are cultivating an impression of you – not just about what you look like, but also based on how you act and how you dress.

Your physical presence, your physiology, and your communication prowess can determine whether the outcome is business or no business.


These are my top 9.5 rules for achieving positive and profitable networking results:

I Can’t STAND Spam Email! What Can I Do?

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I find it interesting how much spam emails tend to anger people, myself included! There was a period of time where I was getting at least 6 spam emails per day saying "NOTICE TO APPEAR" with a zip file attachment. I literally found myself aggressively clicking the delete button every single time one of these messages infiltrated my inbox.

Then it occurred to me- I don't get frustrated in such a way when I get ads or junk mail in my snail mail box, and if anything, that's when I should because paper is being wasted, I have to physically throw it away and sometimes even shred it to protect my personal info. At least with spam, I can simply delete the junk with the click of a button and move on with my life.

CMIT Solutions - Your weekly Technology Tip


Technology Driving You Crazy? We Understand — And We Can Help

Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, servers... We can't live without them, right? But they sure are notorious for causing major headaches.

Tax Planning - July 2015 Update!

liebermanJuly 2015 Update - Tax Planning and Organizing & Combined Business and Vacation Travel

Summer time is a good time to start planning and organizing your taxes
You may be tempted to forget all about your taxes once you've filed your tax return, but that's not a good idea. If you start your tax planning now, you may avoid a tax surprise when you file next year. Also, now is a good time to set up a system so you can keep your tax records safe and easy to find. Here are some tips to give you a leg up on next year's taxes:

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