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Functional Foods and Food Trends

Why Are The Biggest Losers Gaining So Much Weight?

Metabolism and Obesity

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Basal Metabolic Rate

Why Are The Biggest Losers Gaining So Much Weight?: A Nutritionist Explains


Laura L. Rokosz, PhD

10 Tips for Maximizing Microsoft Office


 10 Tips for Maximizing Your Use of
  Microsoft Office


The Two Nutrients Most Of My Clients Are Missing + What To Do About It: A Nutritionist Explains

egglrock logoWhile there are many nutrients critical for our health, calcium and vitamin D are the two that I find my clients struggle most to get enough of.

In the process of removing dairy or animal foods from their diets — either because of a food intolerance or personal preferences — they end up depriving themselves. In most cases, I find it's simply because they are unaware of the many alternate dietary sources.

As a result, it seems as though every one of my clients is deficient in vitamin D, and the majority have below average bone mineral density.

While it's widely known that calcium and vitamin D are critical for buildinghealthy bones, they also do so much more to maintain health. As a food scientist and nutritionist, here's what I tell my clients about these crucial nutrients:

Why your health insurance company may ask for your Social Security Number

liebermanNovember 2015 Update - Why Your Health Insurance Company May Ask for Your Social Security Number & How Working Impacts Social Security Benefits

Why your health insurance company may ask for your Social Security Number

Your health insurance company may request that you provide the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for you, your spouse, and your children covered by your policy. This is because the Affordable Care Act requires every provider of minimum essential coverage to report that coverage by filing an information return with the IRS and furnishing a statement to covered individuals. The information is used by the IRS to administer — and by individuals to show compliance with — the health care law.

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